• FSX_SPORTS - Sports Chat (All Codes)

    From Avon@21:1/100 to All on Tue May 25 22:04:04 2021
    Hi All,

    This echomail area FSX_SPORTS was created on 25 May 2021 in fsxNet.


    FSX_SPORTS - Do you like sport? Some of us play it while the rest of us surf
    the TV to watch it. No matter how you do sport, any discussion about
    it is on topic here. From Baseball to Basketball, Cricket to Golf,
    Diving to Darts, Hunting, Fishing, Tennis, Motorsport and even
    Dodgeball... talking sport just got easier. Just remember those 5Ds
    - dodge, duck, dip, dive and...??


    Best, Paul.
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