• SGR Expedition Van

    From Kurt Weiske@1:218/700 to All on Wed Dec 30 14:42:46 2020
    I'm in love with this vehicle - it's a soviet era design, a 4WD van with a little 4 cylinder engine, jacked up, all terrain tires, with a full roof rack, winch, push bars, ladder and rear-mounted spare. The list price works out to $15,500 USD, but there's no chance of seeing one of them on a US highway.

    One of the luxury features listed on the main web site is "Single Key".

    Looks like something from a dystopian video game. Or, painted properly, something the scoobie gang would hunt zombies in.


    There's videos on YouTube of these things eating ruddy, muddy trails. Crazy, for a 7 passenger van.
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